About the NMR Lab

Budova Chemického Ústavu SAV

The NMR lab, as a part of the Slovak National NMR Centre, provides service in high-resolution NMR spectroscopy for research groups at the Institute of Chemistry SAS, other SAS institutes, universities as well as companies in Slovakia. Members of the NMR group assist at the interpretation of complex NMR spectra and participate at the training courses in the field of NMR.

The research of the NMR group is mainly oriented on investigations of structures and dynamics of saccharides in solution, intermolecular interactions of saccharides and proteins, polysaccharide structures and degradation products formed during the metabolism of bacteria. In addition, molecular modeling methods are used for interpretation of NMR spectra. The NMR lab is engaged in solving several international (FP6 and FP7 EU) and national (VEGA, APVV) projects having colaboration with institutions in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Great Britain.